• Control: You maintain control throughout the process. You can proceed with the process or stop the process anytime you wished to do.
  • Reduced Levels of Stress: As you are the one in dialogue during the process the levels of stress are reduced, as you know exactly what’s going on at all times.
  • Higher Levels of Commitment to the agreement reached: As you have been in control throughout the process and an agreement has been reached through open dialogue both parties are more likely to stick to the agreement as they have helped draft it in the first place. It is not something ordered by the courts or drafted by lawyers that they will adhere to reluctantly but a mutual agreement reached through constructive mediation.
  • Quick: Mediation is much quicker than court room proceedings and can help you reach an agreement at a much faster pace which would be especially helpful if there are children who would benefit from a quick resolve to an uncertain situation or shared financial responsibilities that would need resolving urgently.
  • Cost Effective: Mediation costs significantly less than a full blown court proceeding. Mediation costs can be shared and would be a more cost effective way of reaching a settlement.
  • Mandatory requirement: If you want to take your case to court, it is now – in most cases – a legal requirement to attend a MIAM. The other person involved is also expected to attend a MIAM, but they don’t have to go to the same meeting as you. So its best to give Mediation an honest chance and you might resolve the issues without having the need for full court proceedings which would be much more time consuming and costly.
  • Environment: Mediation provides the opportunity for you to work in a positive and constructive environment. The mediation process tends to be less confrontational and less antagonistic than the alternatives.
  • Reduces hostility: Mediation improves the chances of long-term co-operation. Mediation concentrates on resolving shared problems rather than allocating blame or examining the causes of the problems your family faces.
  • Flexible & Fair: The mediation process allows couples to create a completely flexible and bespoke set of proposals, tailored to fit your family’s particular situation. The mediation process focuses on finding an outcome that both of you believe is fair to you both, rather than applying an independent measure of fairness as the courts would do.

Why choose Peer&Co Family Mediators?

We at Peer&Co. firmly believe that you know your own life and circumstances best, hence you should be in control of the decision making process. We understand that these are trying times for all parties concerned and we try to make this process as smooth as possible.

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