Mediation is for you if you are going through a divorce or separation and the issues arising from such a situation if you have children, property and/or shared financial responsibilities that you are looking to resolve.

The circumstances of a divorce could understandably make productive and objective dialogue between parties difficult. Mediation will help you come to an amicable and mutual agreement regarding child custodial issues, decisions regarding the welfare and living arrangements of your children, financial settlements amongst other things that might be specific to your set of circumstances.

How is Mediation different from other legal processes?

Unlike, the court process where negotiations happen through lawyers, family mediation allows both parties to talk to each other in neutral and reassuring surroundings. Both parties are comfortable in the knowledge that they will both be heard in a neutral setting.

We understand this can be a stressful time for all parties involved; our experienced mediators will help you focus on the things that really matter to you as a family.

Why choose Peer&Co Family Mediators?

We at Peer&Co. firmly believe that you know your own life and circumstances best, hence you should be in control of the decision making process. We understand that these are trying times for all parties concerned and we try to make this process as smooth as possible.

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