During the mediation process, the couple negotiate face to face about future arrangements and settlements with the help of a Family Mediator.

The Mediation process:

  • The assessment meeting (MIAM): The first meeting with a mediator is often called a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Mediators are trained to work out with you whether mediation is right for you and your family. They will also discuss how many sessions you may need, how much they would cost. The mediator can also give you information about other services that provide help and support to resolve things
  • Environment: Many people find talking to their partner about what should happen after a separation or divorce very stressful and upsetting. Family mediation can give you a safe place to resolve your differences at your own pace.
  • Tactful Negotiations: Family mediators are specially trained to look out for any domestic abuse issues that may affect your family, and also for other problems that might make negotiation between family members especially difficult. Family mediators will not allow you to mediate if they do not believe you will be safe. These meetings can be held separately from your ex. However, you can go to the meeting together if you prefer. Time will always be spent with each person alone to make sure they have made their own decision to come to mediation and are not at risk of any harm or abuse.
  • Financial settlements: Can also be reached by enlisting the help of Independent Financial Advisors for both parties in order to reach an agreeable financial settlement for all parties concerned.
  • Final Agreement: Although the agreement you reach is not legally binding, it will be once once its drafted and filed as part of a court order. We can do this for you.
  • Duration: Depending upon the complexities and the number of issues the entire process can take between 2-5 sessions on average.
  • Cost: At the first meeting (MIAM), your mediator will discuss at length the costs involved. Mediators charge an hourly rate for the session. At Peer&Co. our mediators are extremely cost effective and we do not charge you extra if you were to opt for co mediation as many of the other law firms would. The hourly rates for the mediators are £75 for initial MIAM and range from £80 – £120 an hour for mediation. Your hourly rate will be set at your first meeting.

Why choose Peer&Co Family Mediators?

We at Peer&Co. firmly believe that you know your own life and circumstances best, hence you should be in control of the decision making process. We understand that these are trying times for all parties concerned and we try to make this process as smooth as possible.

To get in touch with our experienced mediators who will help you focus on the things that really matter to you as a family contact us at shiraz@peerandco.com

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