Family MembersPrice (plus VAT)
Spouse/Unmarried partner/Fiance Application£1250
Family life as a parent of a child in the UK£1250
Dependents£500 per dependent
Child of settled person£1150
Dependent Relative£2500
Other CategoriesPrice (plus VAT)
Ancestry visas£1250
Sole Representative£4500 – £7500
Indefinite Leave to RemainPrice (plus VAT)
Settlement as a spouse/unmarried partner£1150 – £1500
Lawful Long Residency (10 years)£1500
Unlawful Long Residency (20 years)£2000 – £2500
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) £3000 – £7500
Tier 1 (Investor) £3000 – £7500
Tier (General)£1250
EEA ApplicationPrice (plus VAT)
Applications on behalf of EEA nationals and their
family members
Visas for Turkish NationalsPrice (plus VAT)
ECAA (Turkish business person)£1500 – £3500
Turkish worker £750 – £3500
CitizenshipPrice (plus VAT)
Naturalisation/Registration as a British citizen£500 – £950
Visit visaPrice (plus VAT)
Visit visa for tourism, medical, family visit£750 – £1500
Outside the Rules applicationPrice (plus VAT)
Applications for lease to remain outside the Immigration rules on discretionary basis, human rights applications £1800 – £2500
AppealsPrice (plus VAT)
Lodging Notice of Appeal£750 – 1000
Preparing for the hearing£2250 – £5000
Counsel’s fees are in addition and estimated from £500 to £1500 per day for attending the hearing including preparation.
Application for permission to appeal £1000 – 1500
Hearing before Upper Tribunal £1500 – £3500
Bail application to the First Tier Tribunal£1250 – £2000
Other ServicesPrice (plus VAT)
Arranging VIA appointments at the Home Office
Subject Access Request£500
File Transfer from existing representatives and considering the case
Attendance at the Home Office £500 – £950 plus travel fares
Asylum & Humanitarian Applications £4000 to £5000 (NO legal Aid Available)
Excluding: expert reports and country guidance research
Section 120 Response.
£500 to £1150
Pre action Protocol Letters
(pre Judicial review)
Appeals reconsideration submissions £1000
Unlawful detention claims
(Excluding any Counsel litigation fees) CFA May apply)
£1500 plus 25% of final award
Deprivation of Citizenship Claims
Excluding any Counsel litigation fees) CFA May apply)
£2500 plus 25% of award

Key Stages and Timetables

Key Stage

The time it takes to prepare and submit your application depends to a great extent on whether you have all the requisite documentary evidence ready.  Usually we would hope to be able to submit your application within 2 – 8 weeks of receiving your instructions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict how long the Home Office will take to process any applications we send them.  The Home Office have their own customer service standards and you can read more about their current processing times

Service Price (plus VAT)
Person Acting£250.00 per hour
Person Responsible£450.00 per hour
Points Based SystemPrice (plus VAT)
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)£4500 – £12500
Tier 1 (Investor) £4500 – £12500
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)£4500
Tier 2 (General)£2500 – £3500
Tier 2 Sponsorship License £2500 – £3500
Tier 4 (General)£1000
Dependents£750 per dependent