Step 1: Planning strategy

  1. Business Angel (BA) meets Empowered Startups (ES) Executives via Skype to agree on overall direction of new venture
  2. BA engages ES to begin work – signs Term Sheet and remits fees (note: all fees held in escrow, pending Residency Visa decision)

Step 2: Securing required documentation

  1. ES secures required statements:
    1. venture’s strategic plan, as detailed by ES
    2. ES incubator commitment letter
    3.  letter of intent from public R&D body
  2. BA prepares personal documentation, under ES guidance
  3.  ES submits residency visa application to consulate
  4. BA presents original documents at Consulate, at appointed time

*** All fees refunded if Residency Visa refused ***

Step 3 : Travelling to Portugal

  1. BA travels to Portugal for immigration landing appointment
  2. BA meets ES to finalize incubation strategic plan, and meet R&D partners

Step 4 : Monitoring Progress

  1. BA provides strategic direction, based on progress reports from Empowered Startups
  2. BA receives documents to support permit renewals from ES

Step 5 : Enjoying Options

  1. BA chooses future of company emerging from incubation
  2. 24 months after second renewal, BA chooses whether to apply for PR or citizenship

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