The process of applying for a Golden Visa Permit is relatively straightforward. However, it is important that you follow this process and consult legal advice from ourselves here at Peer & Co.

Schengen Visa Application

Before applying for the Golden Visa Programme, you will need at least a 3 month Schengen Visa. You can do this by contacting the Embassy of Portugal; you will need to inform the embassy that you are visiting Portugal to purchase property and obtain the Golden Visa.

The general documents needed to apply for the Schengen Visa before visiting Portugal include:

  • A completed application form together with fee.
  • Valid passport with no less than 6 months remaining.
  • Coloured passport photos (x 2).
  • Current travel insurance.
  • Proof of financial independence and/or income.
  • A return travel ticket.
  • Letter of invitation.

Documents you need to take to Portugal with you include:

  • The Schengen Visa together with your passport.
  • Proof of Travel Insurance.
  • Coloured passport photos (x 2).
  • Proof of financial independence and/or income.
  • Proof of current address in the form of a utility bill.
  • Credit card in order to pay for fees.
  • A clean criminal record proven with a certificate from your current country of residence.
  • A return travel ticket.
  • If planning family reunification, take the chosen family member’s passports with you.

Visiting Portugal

When initially visiting Portugal you should carry out the following:

  • Select a property costing no less than €500,000
  • Open a Portuguese bank account with a personal name, not a business name.
  • Give power of attorney to an expert lawyer to purchase the property on your behalf and process the Golden Visa Application for you.
  • Visit the Portuguese Immigration Authority (SEF) to provide data and photographs for your residence permit.

As expert immigration lawyers, here at Peer & Co we can provide you with all the legal advice that you need in order to apply for the Golden Visa Programme successfully. Once you have given the power of attorney to Peer & Co, you can return to your home and your lawyer will carry out the purchase of the property for you.

Your lawyer will keep you updated and informed in regards to the process of purchase and your Golden Visa application. It is important that you, as the investor, transfer enough funds to your Portuguese bank account to cover both the costs of the property and also the Golden Visa application.

Purchase of Property

To complete the purchase of your chosen property your lawyer will sign a Promissary Contract and then transfer the required funds to the seller. We will then obtain the declaration of sale from the bank in which you have set up your account, attesting the transfer of funds.

Finally, the Golden Visa Residence Permit will be completed if you include the following documents:

  • A completed application form together with fee.
  • Valid passport.
  • A signed application form.
  • Proof of legal entry to Portugal together with a Schengen Visa.
  • Written proof that you own the property.
  • Clean criminal record from resident country.
  • A declaration proving that there are no debts from tax service or social security.
  • Declaration from you, the investor, confirming the investment requirements.

It is imperative that you, as investor and applicant, are not the subject of any alert within the Schengen Information System. The decision of whether you are to be approved for the permit is usually completed within 60 days. Once approved you will receive a 1 year residence card which includes the freedom to travel anywhere within the Schengen area. You can then renew this for 2 successive years – this is easily done and taken care of by your attentive lawyer.

Family Reunification

Once you have been approved for your Golden Visa Permit you may apply for family reunification. This application can be completed by the professional lawyers here at Peer & Co. Considered family members usually include a spouse, dependent children, adult children still in education, and parents if they are dependent on the resident.

Advice & Further Information

At Peer & Co, we are specialists in immigration law and have an unmatched understanding of the Golden Visa Residence Permit. For more information or to begin your application, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our helpful team who are more than happy to fully explain the process, and help you on your way to building a sound and lawful investment. We are proud to be a law firm that you can trust and we promise to always provide open, honest and direct legal advice and information.

For more information about Peer & Co or to arrange your free initial consultation please get in touch with our professional team to discuss your enquiries today. We can even arrange consultations via Skype if you are not living in the Birmingham or Watford area.