Peer and Co is an established immigration firm in the United Kingdom regulated by the OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner). We have been practising law for the last 10 years and are regulated at the highest level and carry out advocacy work within the Courts.

We have specialised in UK immigration in the business, investor sector and the highly skilled sectors as well. The Golden Visa Programme in Portugal which is an ideal investment for those who require a soft second residency which with the establishment of the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal – a truly unmatchable programme for residency or second nationality that allows free movement throughout the European Schengen countries, Peer and Co have taken leadership to provide this additional service for our clients.

Portugal is the only country within the Golden Visa Programme that actually grants investors and clients an EU passport at the end of the 5 year programme. No other country within the Schengen area is currently offering an EU passport at the end of the 5 year period. (This may change at the time of going to print).

Our partner in Portugal is Obrana Group – an internationally award winning property development Group focusing on real estate needs of International individuals and companies. They have substantial experience in Golden visa programme with the directors being consulted on an advisory capacity to the Portuguese government since beginning of this programme.

Obrana is an Integrated Property Group that buys, designs, builds its own developments thereby offers competitively priced properties. All Obrana properties are due diligenced and their post sales service is unparalleled. They have featured extensively in international press (Wall Street Journal, NYT, and Homes Overseas) & TV (Channel 4, Place in the Sun) and also do high quality renovations (Lapa Palace, Residence for Ambassadors). They provides hassle-free purchase & ownership with full support team on site post purchase to ensure the property is always maintained in top condition. Obrana Group specialises in Portugal’s Silver coast

We provide a full bespoke personal service for each client and with our partners have completed over a 160 applications for the Golden Visa Programme. This accounts for over 10% of the total current applicants on the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal. Our success is a based on several key factors.

  • We work directly with developers and key professionals – not intermediaries– to ensure best priced properties
  • Citi Private Bank – Wealth Report: “For growth potential look to locations with international interest and good transport and supporting infrastructure. For example Silver Coast (Portugal)”. We focus exclusively in this region on sea view properties or top golf resorts. Properties here are priced at 2,000-3,500 €/m2 versus 7000-10,000 Euros now in Lisbon.
  • British newspapers e.g. Times, Independent, and other investor reports echo this confidence in the silver Coast of Portugal.
  • Other reasons why we feel Silver Coast is a confident investment area:
    • Property prices are increasing and will continue to do so as this area is targeted for National strategic tourism development.
    • New planning regulations restrict developments close to the sea… Obrana developments already have fully planning permission from the government and such in such locations like Silver Coast Residence, Heights will command premium prices
    • Buyers are getting luxury properties directly from the developer – Heights 1 & SC Residence sales shows that demand for such properties is high
    • The planned Jurassic Theme park will see visitors increase. Touristic accommodation is currently limited so quality property will be in high demand.
    • Prices will continue to increase
    • The beaches in this area have been fast tracked for improvements thereby attracting international tourism.
    • properties to our clients fully furnished to the highest standard and ready to move in.
  • Silver Coast vs Lisbon: The last 12 month Lisbon has experienced very high price increase (200 %++) in some locations. This is mainly driven by GV applicants from China. Part of this comes from a natural comfort for non-English/Portuguese speakers wanting to be in the city; mainly this comes from the exorbitant commissions charged by Chinese agencies. What the purchasers do not understand is that the traditional, core investor group in Portugal are North Europeans looking for an escape from the city – Portugal sells on sun, sea, beaches and golf and are holiday or retirement homes. Foreigners may come to Lisbon for a weekend break but they buy in resort type areas close to tourism and beach amenities.
  • Obrana looks after the client post purchase and has staff based in their developments. Once you purchase a property it is totally looked after from maintenance to rental. This is key for foreigners who are looking purely for a Golden Visa without hassle or even for a family looking to move and who require an entity to navigate through the bureaucracy from the simple (connecting infrastructures, setting up direct debits, managing house issues) to the complicated (purchasing a car, setting up a social security and medical card, assisting children to international schools). We are as much a concierge service as a developer.

We are in the process now of starting Silver Heights 2 and you can see on the Obrana website

We also offer investor routes into the UK but currently we are promoting the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal. We are highly regulated and we are here to serve our clients. As stated above the property on offer that we have in our portfolio are offering great value for money and you will have a good return on the property in 4-5 years time. Unlike Spain, Portugal does not have vast cities of empty apartments and homes which have no value in them and therefore we are offering properties which are bespokely being developed now for the Golden Visa Programme.

Spain is offering properties which are unsellable to the investor on the programme on the basis that they can have a permanent resident EU Schengen immigration card. There is no value in the properties in Spain and therefore the money is at risk. This goes for the other countries as well including Greece who have major financial issues, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta and any of the other Schengen countries that are offering a similar programme, are not in line and do not have the structure that is being currently offered by Portugal.

We have a full write up on the Golden Visa Programme and the benefits of such an investment on our following websites: www. and www.goldenvisahomes. com. Please feel free to look at either website and send us an enquiry form.

If you are interested in getting on to the Golden Visa Programme then please make initial contact at the following email address:

Once I am in receipt of your initial enquiry I will forward you the relevant details and make arrangements for us to meet in Lisbon to view properties, to meet the lawyers and to get the initial biometrics carried out by the Home Office and Immigration Authority in Lisbon.

I require only three days of your time in terms of assisting you in regards to your property requirements, the applications for the immigration authorities in Lisbon and also for you to provide your biometric documents. I will meet you in Lisbon and will carry out these tasks with you and introduce you to our developers Obrana Group.

We are a family orientated business and we have built our reputation on providing good service, quality investments and long term relationships with our clients. If you have any queries or would like to get in touch with regards to the Golden Visa Programme please do not hesitate to contact us on: shiraz@